Pearl World of the World's top ten natural beads

1. A huge pearl on the crown of a Cixi funeral. It comes from the Heilongjiang Province and is mixed with the river. It is about 70 mm in diameter and weighs 625 carats or 125 grams. It is the famous Dadongzhu.

2, "The Pearl of Hope", in a gold crown in the British Museum, a large pearl inlaid, is a natural sea pearl, oval, with a long diameter of 508 mm, a circumference of 114.3 mm, weighs 85 grams or 425 carats .

3, "Marine Marvel", the Pearl is a large pearl in the crown of the Chinese emperor, its shape resembles a teardrop, weighing 297.75 carats or 59.55 grams, is now owned by a US jewelry company called Imperial Pearl Syndicate.

4. “Xiasuofei Pearl” is a huge natural wild sea pearl found in a large mother-of-pearl in Sri Lanka. It weighs 160 carats or 32 grams and is now housed in the Iranian royal family.

5, "Lale Jane Pearl", weighing 108 carats or 21.6 grams, stored in the Imperial Russian royal family.

6, "Mumu Benzhu", this pearl is produced from abalone shell, its shape is pigeon eggs, weighs 85 carats or 17 grams, is preserved by Japanese Mikimoto, is a natural wild sea pearl.

7. “Xiyang Maruzhu”, in 1957, the staff of the Japanese boat “Xiyang Pill”, in a white butterfly in the Alfhai Sea, picked a large natural sea pearl with a diameter of 25 mm and a weight of 60 carats. 12 grams, is listed as the world's famous pearl.

8, "Peacock Throne", is a large natural wild sea pearl, shaped like a pear, the color is yellowish, weighing 61.6 carats or 12.8 grams, stored in the Tehran Palace.

9, the former Soviet Union, now the Russian capital - a museum in Moscow contains a large round of standard round pearls, weighing 25.4 carats or 5.1 grams, its shape is round, shiny, is considered a world treasure.

10. “Allah Pearl”, a large pearl named “Allah Pearl”, was sold in Auckland, USA on May 15, 1980, and sold for $200,000.

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