Korea Coco 2015 autumn fashion British fashion

In the autumn of 2015, Korean cocoa creates a unique British style. The young urban girl expresses her unique feelings in a fashion between the smart ones. Demonstrate the splendidness of the summer season. Starting from every detail, the 'COCORYLLY' women's brand is ready. Flocked Chif ----more

Xinjiang cotton industry target price reform

"Global cotton ***, Chinese cotton look Xinjiang." Xinjiang is the core region of China's cotton production, and it is also a new zone for the development of the textile industry, with obvious advantages in location. In particular, the central government explicitly proposed t ----more

Teach you to identify the delicate color of Myanmar jad…

With the reputation of Yunnan “Myanmar Jade”, many people who travel to Yunnan don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy jade jewelry, but due to lack of understanding, tourists sometimes make Thai jade, Malaysia jade, Nanyang Dushan jade and Austral ----more

Wear the most comfortable high heels and beauty

Ben Wang, August 27, the student party is going to start school again in a few days. If it doesn't pay attention to the summer holiday's tail, how can it be played?! Then the question arises. What shoes to wear in the end can be comfortable and beautiful? Sports shoes, flat shoes, of cours ----more

The lost civilization of the ancient jade mystery

The glistening gemstones always seem to be closely linked to the tragic ancient legends. Jade is one of the gemstones, which is naturally indispensable. However, when the legend is overwhelmed, who can trace the source from that fascinating light? Human development has ex ----more

Technology | Key factors for improving the quality of c…

As a new ring spinning method for improving the yarn quality, compact spinning has attracted more and more attention. How to improve the quality of the yarn is getting more and more attention from spinning companies. This article mainly introduces several common factors affecting the ----more

2016 What color men's suits? Bright bright color su…

2016 What color is the most popular, of course, is the bright color of friends, not only easy to plunder your eye, but also to make you more prominent in the sea. So 2016 bright color men's suit jacket with a stylish but not prominent sense of it? Below with Xiaobian take a look! Very eye-catch ----more