What is spodumene?

Spodumene, monoclinic, crystal often columnar, granular or plate-like. The color is gray, grayish green, purple or yellow, etc., hardness 6.5-7, density 3.03-3.22g/cm3. As a raw material for lithium chemical products, it is widely used in the lithium chemical, glass and ce ----more

Which underwear can be thrown? Cleaning the old underwe…

If not to say shopaholic so serious, did not buy the coat less frequently, but open a lingerie cabinet or be shocked, unknowingly has slowly piled up a cabinet, think also that a few normal wear ah How can there be so much? Taking advantage of the season, but also finishing together your underwear ----more

Old pit jade is the older the better

In China, there is a saying that the older the things, the better, the higher the year, the more precious. The older the antique, the better, the older the wine, the better the old jade is. The "old" of jadeite refers to the fact that people found that the jadeit ----more

What kind of sweater skirt with black and white dress s…

Now my mom likes to dress their children very stylish, especially in bright colors, bright colors to become the focus, but the blooming is not a good thing, stylish fish with a low profile black collocation, not only will not sink deep eye? Fashion fish eye dress dress up again to see what dress yo ----more

Waist thick girls wear what skirts look good 25-year-ol…

Many girls like to wear dresses, but there are serious choices for girls with lumbar problems. Here are two waist waist dress, which you will like it more? For 25-year-old grade women, a trendy and elegant style is very lovable. What hair with the right fit it. Po blue, a sense of refined elega ----more

Silk Emily: 5 large security mechanism to create a larg…

As more and more entrepreneurs realize the great market prospect of socks, they have joined the ranks of joining them. However, choosing which brand to join has become their biggest challenge. Although a variety of socks on the market dazzling array of products, but many franchisees are still gifte ----more

The role of green tourmaline

How much do you know about tourmaline? Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the role of green tourmaline. Let's get to know it together. The role of green tourmaline The green tourmaline corresponds to the heart wheel and is worn on the chest. It has a good function o ----more