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AMNT is the abbreviation of AIMEENIT, AIMEENIT from a former music genius Aimee Mann, emphasizing self-pursuit of elegant, simple, beautiful and unique style. This placed on the fashion, self, simple, intellectual beauty has become our brand's basic pursuit of the point and the core concept. So there "AIMEENIT" Chinese " Aimeidite ."


Brand and age positioning: 28 - 45-year-old pursuit of simple, casual fashion, elegant women's .

Brand concept: advocate an elegant wardrobe fashion.

Design concept: emphasize the harmony of design function and beauty, highlight the simple wardrobe plan, provide the perfect wardrobe service for customers. Advocating elegant life philosophy.

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Product Positioning: Aimeenit Collection line of high-level clothing for senior white-collar workers, fashion women, businesswoman and media. The main product line covers different occasions wear. A product line that emphasizes new luxury concepts that focus on detail design and quality service. Delicate, personalized, natural, simple but not simple new luxury dress concept. Divided into mature casual series, fashion leisure series, fur women's series, accessories.

Product Composition: mainly to play clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for the series of products. There are T-shirts, sweaters, suits, woolen coats, fur coats, jackets, windbreaker, cotton, shirts, shawls, slacks, skirts, scarves, belts, shoes and hats, bags and so on. Each quarter has more than 300 styles introduced, product updates fast, 5-10 models per week on the market.

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