Footwear inspection tips

For a pair of shoes to be exported, the inspection before shipment is necessary, then what should be noted? According to my experience, we should pay attention to these places:

(1) Appearance requirements

A, with double including color difference, short hair, hair, single foot, toe size, heel height;

B. Cleanliness includes silver pen lines, glue pollution, vehicle oil, rust, dust, thread, finished product discoloration, discoloration, etc.;

C, skew includes the various parts of the upper (toe, back pack, tongue, ornaments, seams, etc.), as well as spurt shoes skew and the bottom, in the end of the bottom of the skew;

(2) Functional requirements

A. Can't wear clothes, including mistakes in the paper version, and mistakes and random codes.

B. Adhesive strength is not enough to meet the minimum standards required by the customer or it can be pulled easily by hand;

C. Whether Ningli and Hong Kong Bao Zouzhe may cause scraping;

(3) Packaging ----- In fact, packaging is the most important thing. Imagine if you have problems with packaging materials, especially outside packaging materials, and customers cannot even receive goods. You should not dream again. Can you give you money? ! So this should pay attention.

A. The outer box, especially the outer box printing, includes the printed font size, content, location, etc. The others are the outer box specifications, including size, material, gross weight and net weight;

B. The inner box includes size, color, various labeling, printing, whether or not the wrong type, wrong code, incorrect color inner box, whether or not desiccant needs to be put and whether double knots are needed;

C, short-loaded every inspection, depending on whether it has full box, at the same time to pull the box operation, to avoid cheating in the factory. In this case, if it is similar, it should probably not cause customer claims. Ha ha! !

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