Men's ancient clothes reveal the different temperament of the wearer's masculinity

Hangzhou Oriental Polo Paul Garments Co., Ltd. filled with the classical and romantic Sicily, combined with Italy's 10,000 kinds of customs, bringing a strong but irresistible visual impact. With a unique view of women, the designer combines exquisiteness and ruggedness, vintage and modernity, vividness of personality and classics, and grasps GUTI men's clothing with appropriate handwork and collection of different inspiration and experience through proper line structure Unique personality temperament. He is luxurious and restrained, but fashion classic, exquisite sexy exudes fashion men's clothing to create a unique personality culture, sought after by urban upstart. Hangzhou Oriental Polo Paul Garments Co., Ltd. Costumes with the pursuit of harmony in the color of the conflict, the bright yellow, fish blue, pretty purple with a steady gray, black, in avant-garde, trendy Chromin interpretation of the eternal classic, revealing Outgoing men with different repercussions of masculinity. GUTI in order to make each store can successfully profit, we not only provide you with professional services and products pre-sale, sale, sale of various professional guidance, but also specially designed a complete set of perfect store operation manual, Provide a full range of business guidance to your store.

Various shapes of glass can design, high white glass materials, non-toxic lead-free glass products, health and safety, safe use of bottle bottom thickening anti-skid texture design, manual high temperature firing, bottle body thickening high temperature resistance. Color, non-slip, a wide range of uses, smooth lines, uniform texture, crystal clear, simple design, simple and dignified, is a petty bourgeoisie necessities of life.

All glass materials have anti-skid design at the bottom. We care about your health, enjoy and enjoy healthy drinking water. There are three sizes, big, medium and small, and there are different shapes for you to choose from.

Honey Pickle Bottle

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