Sedin. Kay women's brand settled in Urumqi, Mid East Rongsheng Department Store

Diskin Kay women's clothing brand today settled in Urumqi Mid East Rongsheng Department Store! Diskin Kai costumes to the East and West painting art design soul, the pursuit of the original design work, leading the way to life, as well as living in the popular trend based on the unique fashion. The overall way of dress is rich and casual, designed to bring out the original and potential personality charm of the wearer! Now, as Xiaobian to understand our camera to the Disney. Kay Urumqi Mid East Rongsheng store it.

迪斯廷.凯-DistinKidny 迪斯廷.凯女装品牌盛大入驻乌鲁木齐米东荣盛百货

Standing outside the store, we can clearly see the store display through the double-sided glass wall, neatly, regularly displayed on the shelves for consumers to buy. Into the store after you will be more clearly see the Di Si. 2015 Kay new summer, color mosaic models, irregular crop models, there are some mix and match models, different styles can give you a different style of fashion.

迪斯廷.凯女装品牌盛大入驻乌鲁木齐米东荣盛百货 迪斯廷.凯女装品牌盛大入驻乌鲁木齐米东荣盛百货

In the store how to present new products in front of everyone, the best way is to use static models. Put on new products, through different gestures to show consumers the charm of new products. In the shop soft lighting, the new series of more stylish beauty. If you are in the area, you can use the Dragon Boat Festival holiday to a good look at the new store, maybe you have been looking for the new oh.


Now Disney. Kai women's brand in order to expand the market, still in the country for dealers to join, if you are interested, you can leave a message. Brand companies will be in the shortest possible time to get in touch with you to negotiate joining matters.

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