Stitching dress summer models splicing short-sleeved dress

Dress style is always varied, will never be able to predict the next dress will be what style, changing fashion trends are also worthy of reference standards. Popular splicing elements in the past two years slowly into the design of the dress, so that the dress is no longer monotonous, but different colors or fabrics collide with each other in order to show the most dazzling spark.

LW women's clothing

Some people like floral skirts, some like a solid skirt, and some people like both, it evolved into this floral and pure color stitching the dress, the upper body to send very self-cultivation of flowers and bubbles Sleeve to see the style, to be added to the pleated skirt chiffon fabric pleated skirt effect.

拼接连衣裙夏款 上下拼接式短袖连衣裙

LW women's clothing

Black is a symbol of sexy and mature, red is the representative of seductive and glamorous, a combination of both, erase both the erudition and extremes, and the respective strengths and weaknesses, stitching together is graceful, youthful grace, self-cultivation and Toss the fusion of the two, contrasting the slim posture.

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