Underwear sales without underwear boudoir lingerie services upgrade performance soared

In the event of a salesman frenzy, the traditional underwear terminal stores face severe challenges and tests. Many underwear manufacturers have sluggish operating conditions, loss of customers and transaction curtailment. However, under the guidance of breathing underwear, sales performance of the boudoir underwear brand has plummeted. With the promotion of branded services across the country to promote the store, contrarian sales, creating the impact of e-commerce, the store market no off-season sales myths !


Since 2014, the brand service has been advocated to upgrade, Guoliang brand underwear branding has stepped up efforts, many regions not only strong sales of franchise stores, but also the local market sales champion. A lot of domestic sales performance boudoir brand underwear shop manager introduced, follow the promotion of headquarters ideas, there are ways to easily improve performance.

Popularity is the basic conditions, this is not enough, but also the key to allow customers to experience the true value of the consumer, to the final transaction, to achieve wealth. Gui Lin underwear a complete membership management and service system, systematic and personalized communication and services, and customers to establish a full sense of trust and dependence, customer satisfaction is much higher than the opponent, the establishment of long-term relationship.

内衣销售无淡季 闺秘内衣服务升级业绩猛增

Today, every day there are boutiques brand underwear franchise opened, Fujian shop the day before yesterday, Jiangsu shop, opening day breaking operating profit million. Today Gui Gui secret secret Guangdong underwear underwear to join the store opened, business is booming, as of press time, less than half a day to achieve a turnover of over a million.

Natural beauty of women, underwear as a femininity of consumer goods, the highest level of value consumption is the body effect and spiritual enjoyment. Although the online shopping channels have become very convenient and can reduce a lot of service links, the pursuit of beautiful "quality" and "quantity" is unwilling to discourage all women.

内衣销售无淡季 闺秘内衣服务升级业绩猛增

Linyi underwear with quality and service in parallel, and actively advocates and practice. For the "Goddess of God" in the body, the underwear of beauty, health and body shaping the high demand, through more than a thousand chain stores to create a comprehensive quality service platform, integrating the industry's highest quality products and professional services, from product excellence to shopping guide Guidelines, consumer experience, and after-sales service and many other links, won many consumers, and led many franchisees continue to refresh the highest performance, all the way to lead the underwear brand market.

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