"2011 Dazi • Star of the story" Hebei / Beijing finals ended

Green Group "2011 Daddy • Star of the Story" national trials into the closing stage, the last division of the Hebei / Beijing Division competition as the Hebei Division is also the final of the national trials trials, will naturally be more widespread concern. On October 25, the belatedly anticipated Hebei / Beijing Division final blew the beginning of the clarion call at the Beijing Karoo Animation Satellite Studio. Familiar opening dance and music, like a flower in the children's smile in full bloom. The final opening with familiar music, dance, children happy smile brought everyone into this familiar da ta story world. The next race in the 18 teams in Hebei Division to qualify for the national finals places have come up with their best state, fierce competition. Eventually, Wang Siying from Handan, Yizili and Shidong Li from Shijiazhuang won first place, second place and first place. They successfully qualified and will participate in Hebei division on the "Daddy • Star of the story" held on November 27th. National Finals. Although other little players do not qualify, getting happier through competitions and learning knowledge will be a valuable asset to their future lives. Children's group Feng Xin made a special trip from Henan to participate in the competition. This lovely and lovely girl, clever and clever, added a beautiful landscape to the Star Games. Its dream is to advance to the National Finals and allow Children across the country know themselves. Although in the end he failed to make the cut, she had a great time in the game and learned valuable experience. Her mother also said that despite her unsuccessful promotion, the growth of children in the competition she saw in the eyes of the Green Group Can provide such a platform for children, and determined to work hard to develop children's ability to participate in tomorrow's competition. Parents hope that the game can be children get exercise, happy harvest, learn something. In this competition, Lee Tung-ni, a small high-group group, used to be introverted and did not like to talk. For this reason, Ms. Liu Yanli's mother has been very upset. Since participating in the Star of the Star contest, Li Dongni has been cheerful. Her mother, Ms. Liu Yanli, is very touched by the organizers' long-term and helpful assistance to Li Dong Ni. She is very grateful to the children who have made the changes to the 2011 DIDA DIA . She was thrilled to be entertained by the children's champion Wang Siying who was completely immersed in the 2011 Daz Darth: Star of the Star contest. She enjoyed the joy of the game. She was about to stage CCTV. Hopefully, The national finals get excellent results on the stage. The Green Group hopes to participate in the nationwide competition where parents are highly concerned by organizing the 2011 Daddy • Star of the Star Star Country Trials so that children can exchange knowledge and learn more about their children's growth, During the competition, parents increased their understanding of children, but also saw children's gifts that they did not usually pay attention to. Children were more outgoing and lively and more interested in learning. They harvest happiness, gain knowledge, enjoy the joy of success, and taste the sourness of failure, which will greatly help their future growth. "2011 Dadi D • Star of the story of the stars of the National Trial," after the various sections of the sea election, semi-finals and finals, all eight champions of the Division have all produced at the same time will also be on the network to assess the popularity of the stars to compete with the Division champion finals. After a few months of division race, the final good show is about to be staged. In CCTV's finals stage, more gorgeous stage, more professional team of judges, more exciting story content, the Champions of the eight major division will bring us 2011 The most gorgeous story of the year. November 27 Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of these stars in the world. Support their friends can also vote vod.dadida.com.cn voting area for them to vote for them to become the star of the country!

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