How far are you from database marketing?

[China Glass Network] How far are you from database marketing? At the same time, what is the traditional marketing situation, the following gives you a detailed explanation.

First, what is database marketing?

Database marketing can be seen as the process of collecting and accumulating a large amount of information from consumers, predicting their behavior and using this information to accurately locate and target marketing information to achieve marketing sales. We can think of database marketing as MAIL based on EMAIL, DM based on SMS and based on TelecomDM and traditional DM. EDM and e-mail are the mainstays. We have a lot of children's shoes in the marketing director class. We understand that EDM is also a major form in actual operation. Of course, we can use TDM as an auxiliary method, compared to traditional marketing. Database marketing has its unique marketing advantages, and we also list references here.

Second, the difference between database marketing and traditional marketing

1. Marketing model: The former is interactive marketing, which guides them to actively participate in activities through attraction. The latter is a one-way marketing model, and customers passively accept information.

2, channels: the former private letters, mailboxes, mobile phones, telephones, etc., the latter TV,, etc. 3, targeted: the former through the analysis and retrieval of the database, the customer targeted one-to-one, and the latter is one-to-many.

4. Content: The former is more abundant, while the latter is more subject to time, layout, and cost constraints.

5. Sustainability: The former process is simple, database marketing has repeated purchases, but the latter is not very repetitive, and the process is slightly complicated.

Of course, in addition, we can analyze their differences from cost and customer relationships. These are the advantages of database marketing.

Third, the key to database marketing

1. In-depth and effective mining of data information here, simply remind you that the effective and in-depth here refers to the information is truly available, reachable, information can be more detailed, easy to retrieve and process. Knowing what kind of information is effective and in-depth, we must clearly guide us how we can get this information, and it is effective and in-depth. Here are some suggestions for leaving contact information and questionnaires when sending gifts. This is also a lot. I will introduce some cases to you later.

In many cases, the reason for the failure of database marketing is that the failure of mining information is one of the most important reasons, such as the lack of targeted data, insufficient database mining depth, and so on.

2. Personalized marketing strategy:

I will simply say the trick, maybe more people will like it. (1) The title contains attractive keywords. (2) The content meets the customer's preferences. Through the processing of the database, I think it is not difficult to achieve this.

(3) The core elements you want to express, this may be said, is it my marketing purpose, here can be said, but there is one thing to ignore, is the core and selling point of your product or service.

I personally have been marketed by the database. I don't know when I entered the training marketing database. I often send some marketing training information to my mobile phone. I am helpless, although I don't participate. Some of the spam that people often encounter, and many of them are because they have entered other people's emails, and even others are buying mailbox resources, and then marketing to you, such databases are generally not retrieved, and eventually enter the trash can. The effect can also be imagined, so we can grasp the precise marketing objects when doing database marketing, and the personality has a good advertising strategy is particularly important.

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