Green Box carrying more than a thousand children's equipment war Taobao "double eleven"

Taobao's "double eleven" big promotion is approaching, at the moment as the network's first brand children's green box has been prepared for the goods, the number of more than a thousand species, a variety of high-quality down jacket to become the biggest bright spot. It is understood that this is the only green box childrens annual audience 50% off package mail, the temptation of the network mom is too much. Wu Fangfang, CEO of Green Box, said in the "Double 11" last year, the sales volume in that day exceeded 10.5 million. Many hot-selling items sold out at noon. Therefore, this year Green Box prepared ample supply and the styles are also more than last year More than 700, the brand has also been increased to seven, in addition to the original love made, modern lady, Jennifer Bell, Green Box high-street brand this year, the higirl, and just signed three Disney brands will also participate in the event. "We are not profitable at the 50% off, but we think of it as a thank-you note for consumers who love the green box. It's a year-long event," Wu said. In addition, the green box also carefully prepared for the children all kinds of high-end texture down jacket, style adhering to the green box has always been elegant and elegant, childlike cute, trendy style and other features to meet the needs of men and women 2-15 years old baby's needs. As we all know, the maximum quality of down is filling velvet, green box down feather is a professional level down. As the stuffing of down products is animal feathers, safety is of particular importance in this respect. Green box as the first in the network platform put forward the concept of children's wear safety brand children's clothing, down in the choice of extra care, must pass the comprehensive inspection of national authorities will be put into use. Therefore, the green box down jacket all use high-quality white duck down, white color wins snow, velvet large, feather small, flexible enough, with cashmere volume of up to 80% -90%, delicate texture, fluffy warm, wash does not appear knot Block, hardened and other issues. 100% polyester fabric light breathable, warmth was significantly higher than similar products. Poor quality down jacket because of rough technology, often appear "run down" problem, green box with double lining design, to fundamentally solve the "running cashmere" problem. At the same time taking into account the characteristics of children, fabric color is very rich, to the mother and baby provides a sufficient choice.

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