Brand DAMBOLO adhere to the original advocate fashion first step

In recent years, as China has entered the transformation process from manufacturing in China to creation in China, it has started to embark on the same path as all developed countries. The starting point for brand innovation is imitation. Therefore, Staged by-products. This situation has a tremendous impact on the fashion industry, many companies have come standard with the use of mulberry purses, and even the introduction of cottage products are only based on the original basis with their own LOGO, and the frequent occurrence of brand product quality problems , Its source is directed at the cottage because of its brand name and other frequent occurrences have hurt the hearts of consumers, so that consumers in the pursuit of fashion on the road, no way to start.


Therefore, this phenomenon has aroused DAMBOLO's thought, and carried out relevant investigations. As mentioned earlier, the cottage brand is only made in China to China to create a transitional phase of the product, from the trend of survey data show that, under the conditions of the conditions, the vast majority of consumers in the ideal consumption almost does not include the cottage brand, so Cottage brand will eventually disappear. On the one hand, due to the continuous development of China's economy and the shift from investment-driven to consumer-driven structural change, the rapid growth of household income will bring consumers more choices and more willingness to choose brand products with quality assurance and unique original culture On the other hand, the awareness of intellectual property rights and the enhancement of supervision will make the market more formalized.

Brand Danby slave to see the current advantages of the brand structure, with its forward-looking sense, to create a combination of musical elements and fashion elements of the original fast fashion culture, which is strongly respected by consumers, avant-garde brand image deep Rooted in the heart of consumers. While maintaining market position, we plan the improvement of product strength in a planned way, organize the consumption habits of consumers through high-tech software, grasp the psychology of consumers across the country, find out the core appeal of audiences to product value, and The DAMBOLO brand values ​​and consumer values ​​together to create the most suitable for consumers fashion items.

At the same time in order to be able to reflect the latest trends in the original product brand DAMBOLO, DAMBOLO heavily hired well-known designers at home and abroad, and vigorously open a foreign design studio. Designers often participate in major fashion week, communicate with the fashion bloggers to analyze the latest fashion information they collected, and then apply the layers of the most popular seasonal elements of the season to the original products of the Dani slave, and use the most Fast speed will be the design, production, sales to stores, at one go, so that consumers can face the first time direct access to the forefront of fashion information. This is also the brand Danby slaves unique fast fashion culture advocated, insisting original, fashion is to be a step faster.

PTFE Baking Sheet

PTFE Baking Sheet is made of ptfe coated fiberglass fabrics.It offers characters of resist high temperature,non-toxic and surface easy to clean, can use hundreds of times,so It is widely used as pizza mesh,oven liner,cooking basket,etc.

The application range of the PTFE  Baking Sheet

1. Used for heating food:

1). Use scissors to baking disc cut into required size and shape.

2.) in the pot, plate, or other container

3). The roast put food on the plate

4). After the food cooked, such as cooling to take out the baking disc, clean with washing water

5). Baking disc can be used repeatedly

2. The four fluorine high temperature cloth used as oven gasket:

Electric oven, put in the bottom of the oven or the bottom of the grill.

Steam oven - on the drying rack on the bottom of the can not directly on the bottom.

As surface pretreatment, application of its antisticking characteristics, can be used for processing the working surface of the dough.

PTFE Baking Sheet

PTFE Baking Sheet,PTFE Baking Sheets,PTFE Cooking Sheets

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