Spring and summer was thin with black and white striped single product recommendation

Went to March not to lose weight, in April when only sad. Xiao Bian Weaponry, do not be sad, girls have to feel meat, clothing was thin. So, how to dress thin? Striped single product will always have a unique visual effects, people look very thin. Here are two models to introduce the charm of dress, so that your clothing soared.


Spring two-piece dress is also very common. Xiao Bian also like two-piece suit. Elegant chiffon pullover, simple short-sleeved design, youth age, relaxed and comfortable. Inside with the black and white striped vest skirt Slim design, outlined the waist was thin and charming woman. Simple and stylish, less age and tender it highlights the body curve, it is very popular.

春夏季显瘦搭配 黑白条纹单品推荐

This black and white stripes T-shirt perspective very stylish personality, set off the clavicle curve is very charming. Will reflect the demeanor of urban women. Very good thin effect, with a small white coat of incense is very attractive. A red slacks lit the whole. Buy a set of home, so you can also be so stylish.

Pictures from: Nian Hua Nian Hua Women

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