Congratulations G-brand children's clothing Quanzhou first official store opened

Quanzhou, the cultural capital of East Asia and the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road in China, is a famous international garden city and an important commercial port city along the southeastern coast of China. Here we feel the bustle of a famous cultural city as well as accepting different geographical features Broad. Congratulations G-brand (G brand) children's clothing into Quanzhou, the first store opened! G-Brand - from South Korea, Korean brands really Korean taste! Leading the Korean fashion trend, to create cool, personality, trendy, high-grade fashion children's clothing, followed by the international fashion trend, the integration of rich color and artistic expression, make full use of color, splicing, folding and other crafts, interpretation of children Full of hope, happiness, happiness extraordinary childhood. Kim Shang has a top brand expert advisory mission campaign, layout, seize the high ground, the establishment of products and systems support the promotion of brand development, building stock sewers, build more people, buy more people, love more people's children's clothing brand.

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