Lawless elements sell fake gold bars and people are often deceived

A group of criminals used Beijing mobile phone cards to sell fake gold bars, calligraphy and paintings, renminbi, jade articles, stamps, etc. In just two and a half months, they illegally made profits of 110,000 yuan. When asked why the victim was credulous, most people said: "Caller ID is the number of Beijing."

At present, seven suspects have been arrested by the police of Xinhua Public Security Bureau Innovation Street Police Station.


The masses are constantly being deceived

The police arrested the suspect

Since April, Xinhua Public Security Bureau's Xinhua Police Station has received reports from the masses. After buying gold bars, calligraphy and paintings, etc., they found all fakes. The police judged that this is a typical telecom fraud and must be solved as soon as possible.

Immediately, the institute set up a task force to fully investigate the case. The victims said that since the caller ID was “Beijing”, they relaxed their vigilance from the beginning. When he heard the salesman selling gold bars, calligraphy and paintings, he was fascinated by the propaganda of "the future value of the product is high, it is good for collection, can be left to the next generation, and the goods are inspected", so they bought these fakes.

The police received the detailed address of the shipper through the delivery note on the mail box. On the morning of April 18, the police rushed to the rented house in a village in Shishi City, and the rented house was searched according to law. On the spot, 7 people were arrested for telephone fraud.

Buy Beijing calling card

Claiming to be "Beijing company" for fraud

After trial, the case was gradually restored. The main suspect, company boss Li Jun (a pseudonym, 33, Tangshan) and his wife Yang Li (a pseudonym, 33 years old, Promise) rented a rental house in February this year, while recruiting 5 employees, using telemarketing In the form of fake gold bars, calligraphy and painting, renminbi, jade, stamps, etc., which are imported from the Internet or at home, are sold at a high price.

In order to gain the trust of the victim, Li Jun lied that the company was “a gold coin distribution center in Beijing” and purchased the fake official seal from the Internet, and purchased the Beijing mobile phone card number. The five employees recruited knew from the beginning that the boss was fraudulent, but for the high salary, they also started fraud. In just two and a half months, many people in the country were deceived, and Li Jun illegally made a profit of 110,000 yuan.

At present, the criminal suspect Li Jun and other six suspects were criminally detained according to law, and one suspect was released on bail pending trial. The case is under further investigation.

Police warning:

Lawless elements often use mobile phones or the Internet to post high-priced goods at low prices, false winnings, and invoicing, in order to obtain huge profits. Therefore, when the public encounters a similar situation, don't trust the letter. Even if the other party claims to have a formal company and presentes the official seal, it must go online to make further inquiries and determine that it is a formal filing company and then trade with it. In short, the most important thing to prevent telecom fraud is psychological precautions, not to greedy foreign wealth, not to take advantage of money, and always insist on the truth that "the sky will not fall out of pie".

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