Introduction of various spar features (Figure)

1, crystal

Rock crystal, a rare mineral, a kind of gemstone, quartz crystal, belongs to the quartz family in mineralogy, the main chemical component is silica, and the chemical formula is SiO2. When it is pure, it forms a colorless and transparent crystal. When it contains trace elements such as Al, Fe, etc., it is purple, yellow, brown, etc., and irradiates trace elements to form different types of color centers, which produce different colors, such as purple, yellow, brown, Pink and so on. Containing inclusion minerals is called inclusion crystal, such as hair crystal, green ghost, etc., the inclusions are rutile, tourmaline, actinolite, mica, chlorite and so on. The world's largest and most flawless a faceted amethyst, size: 71.5mm × 58.5mm × 46.3mm, cut into a faceted large drop shape. It weighs 1030 carats and is produced in Sri Lanka. It is dark purple with pink tones and saturated colors. The standard of cutting and polishing is very pure inside. This gem is by far the world's largest and most perfect faceted amethyst, and is also a boutique in the world's rare crystal boutique.


2, fine spar

Fine-grain, fine-grain from the Greek "micro" and "lithos", meaning "small, thin" and "stone", fine-grain is an isometric octahedron group. The crystal is in the shape of an octahedron, a diamond, a dodecahedron, and a tetragonal octahedron. It is characterized by its oily luster, cleavage and radioactivity; fine-grain is common in the sodium-long petrochemical part of granitic pegmatite; the world famous places are Uto Island in Stockholm, California, California, Altai, Xinjiang, etc. Ground.

Fine spar

3, hair spar

From a physics point of view, crystals containing dark tourmaline, amphibole, rutile, actinolite or other needle-like crystal minerals, the crystals of which are wrapped as fine as hairline, are called pyrites. The crystal and twin crystals are mainly produced in pegmatite and hydrothermal veins. It is a high quality ornamental stone and a good craft material.

Crystals containing dark tourmaline, hornblende, rutile, actinolite or other needle-like crystal minerals, the crystals of which are wrapped as fine as hairline, called spinel; hair crystals and twins In the Weijingyan and hydrothermal veins. It is a high quality ornamental stone and a good craft material.

The hair crystal is perfect in appearance, pure white and elegant, bright and colorful, and pleasing to the eye. Pay special attention to the chemical composition of hair-like metal minerals, because the crystals actually contain rare metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum hair. Most of the crystals are made of common metals such as copper, iron, lead, and zinc. Made of hair, this crystal is a far cry from the former hair.

This kind of strange crystal is of extraordinary origin. It was caused by the dissolution of various minerals into the crystal crystal body in the "orogenic movement" of about 300 million years. Therefore, it is optimistic for playing Shijia and Tibetan treasures, especially when the crystal is formed, because of the different environments and conditions, it makes it natural, or like mountains and rivers, or like flowers and birds, or like ancient temples, or too Wonderland, a fascinating imagination and inspiration.

Natural hair crystal jewelry, with its gorgeous and rare, has determined its position in the jewelry market. Whether it is with fashion or casual wear, it can bring out a more extraordinary, beautiful and graceful.

In the minds of Westerners, hair crystal has a peculiar effect. It can strengthen confidence, determination, and bring courage, and let people let go of their strides and move forward. They also believe that needle crystals strengthen the vibration frequency of the original crystal, and the power is doubled.

Hair spar

4, spinel

The English name for spinel is Spinel, which is derived from the Greek word "Spark" and means "natural crystal of red or orange color". Another argument is that it may come from the Latin word "Spinella", which means "thorns." The gem-quality spinel is colorful and has colorless, pink, red, purple, light purple, blue-violet, blue, yellow, brown and so on.

The most fascinating, famous and legendary red spinel in the world is the “Immur Ruby”. The gemstone weighs 361 carats and is produced in Afghanistan. It is dark red in color and has no cut surface. It has only a natural polished surface and almost no luster, thus showing the natural beauty of the gem. Some people refer to this jewel as the "world tribute" of the East, and now it is kept in the Indian exhibition hall of Buckingham Palace in London, England. The ruby ​​top used in the Qing Dynasty royal family and the official hat of the Qing Dynasty is almost entirely made of red spinel.

The red spinel is very similar to the ruby. The difference is that the ruby ​​has dichroism, uneven color, and has a silky inclusion. Spinel is a homogeneous body, has no dichroism, uniform color, and the solid inclusion body is octahedron. The artificial spinel is rich in color and has less inclusions.

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