Hong Kong GHYCI (Jixi) Women Spring-Summer 2015 Order will come to an end

December 2, 2015, GHYCI women's spring and summer 2015 new orders will be held in Shenzhen Qushui Shan Hotel curtain down. The order will showcase the charm of GHYCI trend, to bring many guests everywhere a spring and summer 2015 on the overall shape of the visual feast.

吉曦 - GHYCI

When the music sounded, the models walked out of the stage with their rhythms and walked onto the stretched T-stage and the applause of the scene continued to ring. On this T-stage with light gathering, the models wearing GHYCI's new spring and summer new products appear graceful and elegant, Dazzled! This is worth waiting for women's patience for a season of work!

香港 GHYCI(吉曦)女装2015年春夏订货会圆满落幕

The products of our company are perfect combination of western fashion and Oriental classic with fashionable design, exquisite craftsmanship and unique fabric style. The products are self-confident, sexy, elegant, fashionable and generous. They create a new culture of oriental fashionable women's clothing. . At the same time, in the design of the current fashion elements with the introduction of new imported fabrics, in order to show the delicate quality of women's lives while highlighting the attractiveness of women's multi-faceted youth.

香港 GHYCI(吉曦)女装2015年春夏订货会圆满落幕

Here, we look forward to the fiery scenes of the new spring and summer of 2015 after the listing of products, but also look forward to the next order will come! And GHYCI (Ji Xi) is also planning more to cooperate and all the distributors and other cooperation Partners together to start a new round of charm trip.

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