What is the effect of lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is a rare gemstone. What is the effect of lapis lazuli?

It is generally believed that lapis lazuli can open people's eyebrows, coordinate the throat, promote enlightenment, improve supernatural ability, and stimulate individual strength and spirit. This spiritual protection stone can help people identify mental distress and solve its lapis lazuli rhinoceros, and at the same time bounce back the energy of the field disturbance. In addition, it also helps to strengthen the power of people's language.

According to Crystal Therapy, lapis lazuli can coordinate body, emotional spirit and spirituality. Once these aspects are out of tune, it is easy to cause depression and illness, and people lose their life goals. On the contrary, it can bring people to know.

It is believed that lapis lazuli is a powerful spread of thoughts that encourages people to control their lives, help people face the truth, accept its guidance, and at the same time strengthen individual self-awareness, so that people can express their feelings more freely. Express yourself.

In many cases, if anger is suppressed, it may lead to throat disease or communication with others, and lapis lazuli can help people to eliminate anger, mediation: sudden, bringing good quality such as honesty, compassion, integrity, etc. Make people realize the importance of actively listening to others' opinions and become the bond of love and friendship.

In addition, it can help people quickly relieve stress and bring people into a deeper level of tranquility. In short, its performance is very quiet, and it is beneficial to people to achieve a certain level of perfection.

Crystal players also believe that lapis lazuli can help people heal the wounds of suffering after suffering, abuse and torture. Gemstones made of lapis lazuli can eliminate people's emotional restraint with maximum eyesight.

Lapis lazuli can alleviate people's ailments, especially migraine; overcome depression; benefit respiratory and nervous system, immune system, throat, thyroid; purify organs, bone marrow, thymus and blood; treat deafness, eliminate insomnia and dizziness ,Lower blood pressure.

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