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Like wearing a leather jacket boys, a kind of mature cold aura, want to be close but will be worried about people will be refused to thousands of miles away. But modern girls will like this guy oh. What style of leather jacket suitable for young men? Where turn simple version of Men's Edition, contains the international fashion elements, how to wear all modern personality. Black leather jacket, motorcycle image is the most vividly shaped, wild, domineering, natural blend together, giving a very masculine feel. Lapel design, personality inclined zipper, crisp version, generous temperament. Handsome belt decoration, given the men have a very gentleman temperament. Short leather jacket to wear more business style. Open v-neck leather jacket, a buckle decoration, exquisite leather wear out of the fashion and charm. With a white stand-up shirt and black Suit pants, handsome style, it is powerless to resist. With Martin boots, shoes are very suitable for it. Picture from: where turn men

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