La Koradior La Tuti 2015 Early Autumn Haute Couture

La Koradior La Tuti 2015 early autumn advanced custom new product details set the most beautiful moment, reflects La Koradior is Lattice's biggest feature - the perfect combination of art and fashion. Amazing time, gentle years, a look, they can not forget.

The European-style hand-painted oil painting style is combined with the fine-stitched yarn with good texture and crispness. The flower pattern creates an abstract associative mood. The fabric is exquisite and elegant, and the color is rich and full of beautiful artistic conception.

Using imported lace, hand-trimmed, embroidered on the waist or hem and other parts of the positioning, hand-stitched, in order to achieve the effect of modified body proportions.

Perspective jacquard lace is made of imported jacquard lace, laced with yarns and lace pattern. The edge of the fabric locates the shape of the eyelash lace, which makes the fabric more delicate.

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