Be a neutral woman who will "play" jewelry (picture)

The handsome woman and the feminine and handsome man seem to be more and more representative of the aesthetic taste of this era. Even the high-end jewellery that has always been shown as a luxury lady has not escaped the trend of neutralization. It attracts attention with materials and simple styles. Those little enthusiasm and entangled women begin to lean on the side...


Neutral women are more rational than pretty women, restraint in everything, wait for people to pick up and stop, and do things more hard than men.



To see the reason for neutral jewellery, we have to look at its mother body - the development trend of the fashion industry: in the early 20th century, the feminist movement cleared the roadblock for the popularity of neutral fashion. Chanel also advocates breaking the harsh gender orientation in clothing. In the 1930s, Greta Garbo and other movie stars once wore men's clothing to show neutral femininity. In the 1960s, the fashion circle represented by Twiggy favored these undeveloped children, female models that are difficult to distinguish... In the case of gender imbalance, neutral provides a subtle boundary between the two, both men and women. It tends to balance by adjusting the inner yin and yang spacing.


Neutrality is no longer suppressed and discriminated. The new gender concept breaks the link between physical gender, gender traits and gender roles. It encourages individuals to develop themselves according to their own interests, abilities and environment... The neutral wind rises and develops through The concept of openness and fashion trends have also begun to affect the market demand of the society, which is why neutral jewellery has begun to develop.

Gender boundaries of jewelry


In line with the fashion trend, many European and American jewellery designers have designed many works that take away traditional elements such as delicate flowers, small animals, colored stones, and abandon the luxurious femininity of traditional jewelry. Many world-renowned jewelers value the rise of neutrality in the jewellery industry. Catier has summarized the common characteristics of neutral style jewellery: simple material, original color, cautious gem setting, industrialized design, simple geometric lines, and artistic sense. At the same time, deliberately blur the gender boundaries of jewelry.


In the matching of neutral clothing, attention should be paid to the details of the treatment, which not only reflects the handsome and expressive woman's noble and generous. Neutral dress with neutral jewellery can be applied to men's ties, crepe, straps, etc. Don't forget to add feminine lace, lace, tassels and other designs to add a romantic element to the neutral dress. The development of neutral jewellery is also a challenge to the traditional high jewelry design style.

What gems represent neutral?


Whether it's wedding rings or regular jewellery, jewels in gold, brown and brown are becoming more popular, both men and women can wear them, and they are easy to match, so yellow-tone diamonds, orange garnets, brown and brown diamonds, and brown crystals. Materials such as these have been boldly applied to this year's jewelry inlays. Beauty is not too public, but the succinct expression of simplicity, I believe that this gemstone neutral wind will also be scratching for a long time.


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