In the new summer scene, the big shorts still wear a refreshing feeling.

Ben Wang said on August 10, shorts are particularly convenient and cool in the summer, but children who like to wear shorts must have such troubles, that is, when wearing ultra-shorts are afraid to sedentary, because often take a while to stand up Behind the thighs are embossed chairs, or sweaty sticky super. Xiao Bian finally found a savior to share with everyone. It is - Bermuda shorts.

It is a slim, versatile pair of jeans, with a high-waist design, and the effect of slender leg lines. The hem has detailed and bright design. It is not monotonous. It is a leisurely letter T and sandals, highlighting the simple and elegant style.

Concise linen 5 pants, very concise design style, more relaxed style design, very comfortable, catch color casual T and casual shoes, more leisure and natural sense.

Light and simple 5 points pants, loose version, very stylish style, very slim and simple, catch casual T and sandals, show natural and simple charm.

Short jeans, a loose version, a unique embroidery design, and a basic T-shirt and casual shoes, the classic match highlights the natural casual charm.

Summer is very suitable to wear linen pants, the overall more relaxed version, concise and wild design style, mountain God with a striped stripe T, express a fresh and sexy feminine. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: IGG Bao Manni)

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