T-shirt skirt with black and white striped T-shirt with

Black and white, white and black, these two colors are certainly the most popular, no matter how time changes, how to change the fashion, the classic black and white will not change, if the mother in the trouble of children wear it then give it to Small apple children's clothing, small apple fruit summer classic black and white stripes, T-shirt dress or T-shirt how to match? Let's take a look. Small apple children's wear classic black and white striped T-shirt dress with the classic colors for the mix is ​​relatively simple, black and white are more engaging, a striped T-shirt skirt style full of personality, cute Mickey Mouse pattern embellishment effect is very good, lower body Can be matched with a black and white tube socks, a pair of black small shoes full of charm. T-shirt classic wild has been the public's recognition, no matter when a T-shirt can always make you not lose the sense of fashion to attend the event T-shirt can make you simple and elegant, usually out of the street exercise can also be comfortable to wear, Apple Children's white T-shirt with a vertical striped package hip dress, classic and wild, but not outdated Oh.

Sequins Embroidery Fabric

The Sequins Embroidery Fabric includes Multicolor Sequins Embroidery Fabric.Feather Sequins Embroidery Fabric and Glitter Sequins Embroidery Fabric.

1.Multicolor Sequins Embroidery Fabric

Multicolor Sequin Embroidery Fabric

2.Feather Sequins Embroidery Fabric

Feather Sequins Embroidery Fabric

3.Glitter Sequins Embroidery Fabric

Shiny Glitter Spangle Embroidery Fabrics

The products is in soft handfeeling and suitable for children dress.evening party dress .garment dress etc.

Embroidered Sequin Fabric,Guipure Sequins Embroidery Fabric,Spangle Guipure Embroidery Fabric,Yarn Dyed Guipure Embroidery Fabric

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