Opening of the international fashion season theme month

Opening of the international fashion season theme month

Laoshan Bay 2015 China (Jimo) International Fashion Season Theme Month kicked off today at the Red Collar Group. The theme of this season's fashion month event is sponsored by the China Garment Association, and organized by the Shandong Province Garment Industry Association and the China (Jimo) Clothing Brand Incubation Center.

This season focuses on the "Internet + industry" environment to help companies quickly adapt to the new trend of the Internet era, and proposes a complete solution for the talent cultivation and enterprise transformation of the traditional textile and garment enterprises in our city, and promotes the transformation and development of the city's textile and garment industry. Start the entrepreneurial tide and form the backbone of the future industry. Through the establishment of the China, Japan and South Korea Garment Industry Center, the company will incubate design forces and transform and upgrade from “manufacturing” to “intelligent”.

This event sets three theme months of brand month (August), design month (September) and channel month (October). Through organizing brand theme month activities, we can realize the “Internet +” thinking construction of textile and garment enterprises in our city, establish a complete and efficient modern brand operation system, improve the professionalism and innovation ability of the company's brand operation, and connect through the design theme month activity. "China, Japan and South Korea" clothing design resources, expand the vision of corporate designers, to create an excellent team of design professionals; through the theme of the channel organized monthly activities, invited famous financial writers dialogue, the famous domestic clothing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the city dialogue, determine the region Economic and national economic future development trends.

At that time, “Internet+Intelligent Manufacturing—China Clothing Apparel Industry Innovation Exchange Conference”, “Excellent Innovation Project Enterprise Visited in Jimo In-depth Exchange”, “Lushan Bay Suwa – interview with Jimo Group”, “Integration of Shandong Province's Integration Lines - Jimo Station, "2015 Gaoshan Dialogue on Fashion Cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea", "China, Japan and South Korea Designers Release Show", "China Quality: Supporting Industrial Upgrade", "Shandong Province Supporting Industry Experience Exchange Promotion Meeting", A series of exciting activities such as the “2015 Lushan Bay Dialogue” will take place.

August 18, 2015 Laoshan Bay Internet + Smart Manufacturing -- China's Apparel-related Industries Innovation Exchange Conference was held at Hong Ling Group. The purpose of this Innovation Exchange Conference is to discover, tap, and integrate innovative products, technologies, and services in the apparel related industries that provide products and services for the production and business activities of apparel companies, and to create exchanges between excellent innovation projects in the related industries and the apparel industry. , communication and cooperation platform.

On August 19th, Shandong Province's Intensive Integration (Jimo Station) and apparel industry special events will be held at the Hong Ling Group. As the first county-level economy index in the first half of 2015, the city has a number of dragon skull enterprises, namely, Jifa, Hongling and Xueda. The Hongling Group is also the “Internet+”, which has laid a leading position in the domestic garment industry. This activity will build a communication platform for the city's enterprises and the nationwide integration of advanced enterprises, and help the city's manufacturing companies make good use of the integration of "boosters."

August 18-20, 2015 Lushan Bay Suwa - interview with Jimo Yingying will organize a news team to interview the city's enterprises during the fashion season to find a growing representative brand in the city under the new situation of transformation and upgrading. City textile and apparel industry Corps style. In-depth interviews with textile and apparel companies in the city, in the form of text, pictures, video records, etc., through the official new media, industry media, interview collections, interviews, video editing and other forms.

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