The lost civilization of the ancient jade mystery

The glistening gemstones always seem to be closely linked to the tragic ancient legends. Jade is one of the gemstones, which is naturally indispensable. However, when the legend is overwhelmed, who can trace the source from that fascinating light?




Human development has experienced many brilliant civilizations. Although many civilizations have disappeared, they still leave a lot of cultural traces. Among these traces, the jade civilization has also surfaced.

Today, Xiao Bian talks about the mystery of ancient jade from the scope of the world. With the burial of history, the jade civilization, in addition to the silence of this label, I am afraid there are still more lost and mystery. In addition, archaeologists are also interested in the "life experience" of those ancient jade.

Mayan civilization and emerald


The Mayan civilization is an ancient Indian civilization in Central America. It is an outstanding representative of the ancient Indian civilization of the Americas. It is named after the Indian Maya. The Mayan culture was in its heyday after the 150th AD, and reached its peak between 700 and 800 AD. However, it suddenly disappeared after 900 AD.

Although the brilliant Mayan civilization suddenly disappeared and became a comprehensive and complete cultural loss in human history, the traces still exist. Let's follow the small series to see what archaeologists have discovered.


In November 1952, the Mexican archaeologist Alvito Luz discovered the sarcophagus of Bagar, the kingdom of Palange, at the bottom of the Temple of the Inscription. His tomb is 9.14 meters long and 7 meters high. The arched roof is supported by stone pillars. In the center of the tomb is a huge stone plaque. There is a tall skeleton lying in the stone plaque. The face is covered with a jade mask inlaid with 200 jade pieces. Ten fingers are also put on the jade ring, and the jade ornaments decorated on the remains are 967 pieces. There are many.

From 615 AD to 683 AD, Bagar was the ruler of Palange. This archaeological discovery is the most shocking discovery in the Mayan archaeological history. At the same time, the excavation of the funerary objects from the emeralds also allowed us to see their culture. Archaeologists said that jadeite was a very precious piece of life at that time and became a symbol of social wealth at that time. There are even some patterns that are likely to be representative of political titles or social status.

Ancient Roman civilization and emerald


The ancient Roman state was founded in the mid-eighth century BC. It was originally a small city-state on the banks of the Dibe. From the 3rd century BC, Roman military power was strong and gradually controlled the Latin region, the Italian peninsula, in the 2nd century BC. In order to conquer the entire Mediterranean region, in the 1st century AD, Rome has developed into a large empire that encompasses the Mediterranean...

Even after experiencing the most prosperous, prosperous and golden age, the luxury and luxury life of hundreds of years has lost the power of Rome. From the 4th century AD, resistance and aggression began to threaten the rule of Rome, and then went west. Gothenburg, the looting of the Vandals, in 476 AD, the glory of the Roman Empire was ruined.


When it comes to the civilization of ancient Rome, you have to mention the ancient city of Pompeii, which was submerged in the volcano. In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted and Pompeii was devastated. However, the exquisite jewellery in the city did not vanish as the ancient city disappeared. After 2000 years, they still excelled. A double gemstone base ring excavated in the area around Mount Vesuvius is a good testimony. The ring made of gold bars has two jewel bases with slightly raised edges, each embellished with an emerald, between the bases. Connected by X-shaped gold bars. It has to be sighed. In fact, thousands of years ago, people have already started our fashion today, and this may give a solace to this sad Pompeii.

Another story related to the jade is about the last monarch of the Caesar family, Nero, who likes to watch the gladiator game. In order to see more clearly, he uses a green emerald concave lens to improve his vision. This Xiaobian has to say that it is an alternative monarch, and I heard that his death is also very different.

Inca civilization and emerald


On the Andean highlands of South America, the Inca civilization was born. In the 12th century, the Incas established the country centered on Cusco in southern Peru today. Since the beginning of the early 15th century, in the early 16th century, Inca became a huge empire, enjoying the name of "Rome in the Americas" and later due to civil strife. It is declining and was destroyed by the Spanish colonists in 1532.


To talk about the relationship between Inca civilization and jade, you have to mention the Colombian Gold Museum in the world. In addition to the collection of gold and jade articles used by ancient Indians whose value is incalculable, the most striking thing is to cherish the world's largest jade. This museum is almost a concentrated sample of the Inca civilization.

Related to this is a story about the second half of the 6th century when a Spanish businessman named Gutnitz ventured into the area. An Indian tribal leader took him to the underground tomb of the king, mausoleum. The interior is full of rare treasures, including some fish with jade eyes and gold casting. The leader told him that if he assisted in the construction of local public works, the jewelry would belong to him. Not to mention the Spanish businessman, even the small series I have heard the blood.

Other ancient emerald

Of course, the ancient jade found is far more than the above mentioned, according to the small compilation of the statistics, there are the following rare jade: an ancient Roman emerald earrings collected by the French Museum of Natural History and 1806 to display jade minerals Two large emeralds of composition; four emeralds of the ruler of Hyderabad, India, a piece of jade on the sacred crown of France; a piece of rough-cut jade that Florida has in the United States...

The development of modern jade

Although the large-scale development and utilization of jade has only been used for hundreds of years, with the world's love for jade, today's jade has become a hot item in the world of jewelry. In terms of content, form, and variety, it has also been better integrated and developed. Modern jade has even begun to "fly into the homes of ordinary people."


However, in the modern bright and colorful, the ancient emerald civilization always seems to be lost and lonely. However, this civilization cannot be ignored and buried. It always stands in the moment of silence in a silent gesture. A landmark, a gesture, a sigh...

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