Wear the most comfortable high heels and beauty

Ben Wang, August 27, the student party is going to start school again in a few days. If it doesn't pay attention to the summer holiday's tail, how can it be played?! Then the question arises. What shoes to wear in the end can be comfortable and beautiful? Sports shoes, flat shoes, of course, comfortable, but also have a good long legs and good body quality can hold a good cut! Love high heels swollen what to do? Then you wear it! Want to have beauty and range of children, Will wear these high heels.

Thick heel shoes

Who said that heels are the most clumsy? In fact, rough heels are the most suitable to go out to play, not only to the United States and the United States do not tired feet ~ come again to print elements or bandages around, fashion bloggers tell you that thick with is so comfortable ~


Speaking of comfort, of course, wedge shoes. Slope with better control than slender, not too picky legs type, out of the street play good ~

Platform shoes

Who says that the platform shoes Low?! Comfortable and easy to show high, is definitely the first choice! This year thick-soled shoes, a strong return to fashion circles, you do not intend to come in pairs?

Medium and low-heeled

Of course, you may feel that the platform shoes are too heavy, thick and sexy enough, then choose a pair of medium and low heels, go out to play is not tired, but also a little sexy ~

Or that sentence: A pair of good shoes can take you to a good place!

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