Winning the terminal, "offside juvenile equipment" continued pilot juvenile market

With the changes in the consumer market and industry in recent years, the adult clothing industry is becoming increasingly saturated, the market space is gradually becoming smaller, and the juvenile wear industry has now become the blue ocean market for the domestic apparel industry. OFFSIDE fashion life museum, experience one-stop shopping fun especially with the "second child policy" opening up, juvenile wear industry, huge growth potential and market space is gradually emerging. The ever-increasing market size will inevitably lead to further diversification of consumer demand. In this diversified consumer trends, based on the concept of traditional business model under the store, apparently can not well meet the needs of consumers. In the past two years, the flagship store of 300 to 1,000 square meters in the flagship store of OFFSIDE, a flagship store for the Chinese youth wear brand "Offside Children's Wear," opened in a grand way to show that the brand continued to deepen its terminal operation and product strategy with a view to breaking the traditional format and continuing to lead the industry Terminal development trend of strategic determination and strategic vision. OFFSIDE trend of life Museum: cool fashion showcase for each partner interpretation of their own wonderful to create a one-stop shopping experience dedicated to young consumers through a large number of market practice and analysis, "offside youth clothing" found , The original channel model, already can not fully meet the needs of consumers. For the current market trends, "offside youth loaded" also forward-thinking of the introduction of more than 300 square meters of life Museum. It is based on the "offside juvenile equipment" professional juvenile / children's clothing, clothing, supplies shopping center, in its "Offside Jumbo" based on the creation of a through-year-old children and adolescents friends living, learning, One-stop shop for tide goods, a one-stop shop for fashion accessories, clothes, books, books, household goods and so on. "Offside youth loaded" has a rich, comprehensive product categories, as well as leading the industry's product design concepts. With the support of this product advantage, we are fully capable of creating 'one-stop' terminals that fit the market. Fashionable product display, set off a new summer fashion dress juvenile

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