Decade accompanied, grateful you - Nantong Sai Hui 10th Anniversary Ceremony and èµ› Hui International Industrial Park Relocation Ceremony

On December 27, 2012, we ushered in the tenth anniversary of Nai Tong. Company employees and representatives of new and old customers held a grand ceremony in the Saihui International Industrial Park of Rugao Snowbank to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Saihui Competition and the welcome of Saihui International Industrial Park. About 500 customers and guests attended the scene to witness this historic moment. The event officially started at 10:28 am. The first was the opening address by Ms. Yao Guilan, chairman of the board. Ms. Yao Guilan profoundly reviewed all the hardships and difficulties in the development of Saihui International during the past 10 years and sincerely thanked everyone for their support and help in their growth. Leadership colleagues, friends and partners. Then, the government leaders, customer representatives and representatives of the agent's speech, have expressed their good wishes for the Saihui International and the bright future of Saihui vision. At noon, all the leading guests went to the hotel to attend the luncheon one after another. In the course of the luncheon, "Thanksgiving Heart" opened with the performance of poetry recitation, singing and dancing. The show recalled the development of Sai Hui for ten years and hoped that Sai Hui would come for the next ten years. Luncheon brilliant. Employees in the form of song and dance to express their love of the company, the company's 10th anniversary celebration blessing. To thank the old staff for the company's companionship and trust, Yao Dong for the more than 10 years of old employees in particular, presented the "Ten Years Contribution Award", thanks to them in the most difficult period of Saihui never forsaken, and Sai Hui together through the storm . For the gratitude of guests, suppliers, government and friends from all walks of life for their long-term support and assistance, Yao Dong awarded the "Longest Supplier" Award, "Best Partner" Award and " Special Support Award. " Dynamic saxophone performance, soothing violin music, high-quality buffet style, so that every presence of the audience are immersed in elegant atmosphere. Luncheon in the "tomorrow will be better," the song came to an end! The spanning and growth of the past decade has in turn brought about the confidence and strength to continue. The responsibility and responsibility of ten years has won the recognition and praise of the community. After the tenth anniversary celebrations this special day, the SaiHui people will continue to forge ahead in unity and sail for the next ten years, heading for a more brilliant future!

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