eipobie women will always give top priority to the interests of customers

eipobie brand design concept from the modern fashion country France, with such elements as the main romantic design, lace, embroidery-based handicrafts flower design to reproduce the European court of France in the 16th century luxury and romantic lifestyle, Integration into the popular quarter of each season to become a unique design concept, eipobie brand positioning in the high-end fashion elegant women , advocating refined life, adhering to the "more beautiful and noble" concept, the acquisition of cutting-edge popular information, so that each one eipobie product design ideas Strive for perfection, leading the fashion trend, and soft European style, the use of classical colors and the combination of modern patterns, through the special craft to get flowers, exquisite craftsmanship, high quality fabrics, a variety of choices, the same clothing can be flexible with the show Out of different feminine charm, giving a gentle, delicate, romantic and relaxed elegance, convey the city's knowledge of women's life and cultural taste. Get the favor of women aged 28-45, with different cultural backgrounds and perfect life

eipobie女装 将客户利益永远放在第一位

eipobie女装 将客户利益永远放在第一位

eipobie, Ipibi Er companies, is set clothing research and development, design, production and brand operations, sales in one of the major garment enterprises, production base is located in China's garment town - Humen Town, Dongguan City, the company has a number of high-quality professional Management personnel and senior design team, a modern production plant and a variety of production facilities, and continue to introduce advanced production equipment at home and abroad to provide high-quality products, the company covers an area of ​​over 3,000 square meters, employs 500 people, Companies using the world's most advanced business model - the franchise chain quickly occupy the market, with its own efforts made remarkable achievements, highlighting the company to open up the marketing channel building capabilities. The company's "Ipilberger" brand apparel is based on the elements of European romanticism. The design of pure handcrafted lace and embroidery is a reproduction of the luxury and romantic lifestyle of the French court in the 16th century in Europe. Business philosophy: The company adhere to the "people-oriented, common development, customer benefits will always be the first" business philosophy, and actively introduce modern management mode, "honesty first, quality-oriented" company interests and customer interests are closely linked Together, achieve symbiotic win-win situation and common development goals.

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