Outlines the infinite creativity of women, depicting exquisite life

Front-line designer team, fashion designer R & D base, taste style designer brand! Hong Kong Shang Yu International team, souls and products, will enter the first stop in China in the beautiful coastal city - Xiamen, fashion design tentacles will quickly reach the country. OUTLINE sketched in Xiamen has opened the World Trade Center, Robinson shop, Zhongshan Road, Rainbow Department Store, Park Central Branch shop in four other brands in August 2011, Shang Yu International will usher in the company's brilliant third anniversary and design creativity Style designer R & D base expansion move both under the flagship store design flagship store ladies flagship grand grand celebration of the day.


勾勒女装 勾勒无限创意,描绘精致生活

Shang Yu International will strive to create OUTLINE outline & PORTRAY depicts two designer sisters brand. All along, Shang Yu International adhere to the heart to explore the world's personal experience, uphold the designer of the aesthetic and aesthetic standards of culture and art, is committed to creating the East-West culture and the natural flow of sophisticated women's contemporary lifestyle. At present, Shangyu International ** is the chief designer of KANGJINYUONG Asia-Pacific design chief designer and chief designer of EIN, a top-tier brand in South Korea who specializes in star-level customized clothing such as Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing. And other first-line apparel designers, now in Xiamen, China has created the first more than 600 square meters of designer creative base to vivid visual display of a new brand experience mode.

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