Islay down jacket women hold lively temperature and grace

Down jacket bloated? NO, down jacket no type? NO, Islay according to fashion down jacket, change the traditional down jacket bloated no type, a variety of elements into the down jacket, so that down jacket easily become young, so that the wearer hold the temperature and grace.

艾莱依 - eral

Neck and chest knit became the focus of the visual, emphasizing the small A-type focus. Simple design, comfortable fabrics, so this section of a large coat by a wide audience. Whether it is open to wear or close the placket can create a sense of the full street sense Oh!

艾莱依羽绒服女款  hold住温度与风度

Casual style generous, waist design allows North Rhinos are free to adjust according to their own body, inclusive Oh! Stitching the fabric so that the overall shape of the Huan degree upgrade. Very casual wear characteristics is you! you! you! You can decisively try!

艾莱依羽绒服女款  hold住温度与风度

Shoulder waist, even OL can become a second Coke hot girl. Slim version of this winter is no longer bloated. This section of the collar can be detached clothes, after detachment of the small collar fashion elegant. The waist effect, but also the perfect ratio of women. Not much to say, you understand!

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