Powerful gather to adjust the underwear to enhance the chest line highlights the charming cleavage

Ordinary underwear is generally only a supporting role, if the quality is not good, then shoulder straps and side is easy to lose elasticity, even the simple supporting role have been lost, it can only be a fig leaf. The adjustment of underwear for breast breasts have gathered armpit fat, elimination of fucturate, on the care and side thrust, anti-expansion, to increase the chest line and the cleavage more charming, so that the chest more plump.


Thin and transparent, Ruoyouruowu nude, inadvertently distributed sexy charm, blooming color coupled with the classic embroidery process, highlight the luxury texture, broaden the next bit and side ratio, effectively gather the chest, build proud double peak.

强效聚拢调整型内衣 提高胸线凸显迷人乳沟

Lu underwear embarrassment I believe everyone encountered more or less, now think back to find the seam to drill into, and then the choice of underwear will be more cautious. Symmetrical crossed transparent lace cover cup surface, widen elastic straps ... comfortable wearing experience from then on no more troubles.

Picture source: Ruofeilen adjustable underwear

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