Problems that should be noticed and avoided when wearing shoes while driving

【 Benevolence - Shoes and Life】 When we drive, we can be busy at the foot, and we will clutch and brake for a while, what will be the throttle, so we have to pay attention when we drive. In particular, women's friends with a wide range of shoes, what shoes to wear are directly related to driving safety, and endanger themselves and others, today we talk about driving shoes should pay attention to and avoid.

High Heels - Can't Step Up Without Lifting Up

To ask what should not be worn when driving a car, it is undoubtedly high heels. Beautiful high-heeled shoes can make women's legs become more straight, abdomen and hip, to create a sloping sigmoidal front, temperament! However, driving a car here is a beautiful killer.

The high heel makes it impossible for the foot to step on the footboard properly. In an emergency, it cannot be stepped on. This is like a brick under the sole of a shoe. Even if you step on the pedals, it's estimated that your feet are feeling cramped, and it's easy to crunch when you're forced. Due to the limited bending of the foot, when the pedal is lifted, the heel of the foot will become vacant. In this case, the angle of the pedal cannot be well controlled. Inaccurate control of the throttle, the brake, and the clutch is very terrible.

I even heard the “experience” that female friends have summed up: Because they are petite, wearing high heels can make it easier to step on the pedal. This method can never be used! Security is the most important thing compared to anything else. Don't joke with your life.

Platform shoes - basically no deformation, no sense of foot

Each girl has several pairs of platform shoes, although the type and the high heels are completely different, but the hidden danger when driving is similar to high-heeled shoes. The first is that very thick soles are basically not deformed. They can be described as having a very poor foot feeling. The other thing is that it is not very easy to judge the depth of the pedal, and it is easy to operate incompletely or excessively. I do not know if anybody wears a wooden mallet to drive a car. What kind of shoes can be felt underfoot at the foot?

Wide shoes

Passing wide shoes is likely to result in the foot being trapped between the pedals or between the pedal and the right wall. It is dangerous to step on it, and it is also dangerous to lift it when it needs to be lifted.

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