VIRGIE CHAN Italian fashion interpretation of the pursuit of women's brand life

Huayi magnificent Italian luxury lifestyle, the female carved in the original bright colors and maintain a noble attitude.

Milan fashion, Roman customs, the solemn Florence (Florence), the elegance of Venice, which is VIRGIE CHAN women. The features of the world famous city interpret the shining fragments that a woman's glass heart should possess; enjoy the love story of VIRGIE CHAN women dreaming of Italy.


This is VIRGIE CHAN, a respect for tradition and free tradition .A romantic, elegant new urban lady image; VIRGIE CHAN - because you exist, she is not just a fashion leader, but also an attitude towards the pursuit of quality of life, Designed to create quality women, quality of life achievements.

We start with the highest quality bodies available about the Felt Hat.Here in America using old world techniques for 20 years.It have big brim and fashional design which can help protect you from the sun.Our company make a multitude of styles to satisfy each customers' needs.Whether it may be a simple design hat or a buckaroo, old west, fedora, derby, or homburg, I will build it with the quality you deserve.

Business philosophy: Quality of Survival, Reputation and Development, Create ShuoLan brand-named products!

Felt Hat

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