abbacino fashion bags bring a new concept of luxury consumption

Ma Shi Trading Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou City, set design, development, production and sales as one of the company in 2010 to the Asia Pacific market as abbacino brand key development projects and in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other high-end cities to expand core stores, with a sound marketing management team. The company's "abbacino" as one of the main operating brands. The company has consistently uphold the core values ​​of sincerity, goodwill, exquisiteness and perfection. It devotes itself to creating a platform for employees and creating value for customers. It does not aim to measure the success of the enterprise by the symbol of wealth and pursue the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. abbacino brand headquarters in Spain, and in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Britain, Russia, Japan, China set up branch offices. 【Brand positioning】 Age level: 25-45 years old The main consumer age age of 25-35-year-old modern fashion lady, pay attention to lifestyle, fashion lifestyle, the pursuit of independent temperament and image style, fashion has a high degree of sensitivity; constant pursuit Youthful, comfortable, stylish, independent, independent new self-image. abbacino In-depth understanding of the consumer demand in the Chinese market, focusing on the product line with the excellent mix of fashion, in addition to imported materials on the material, abbacino will try high-tech environmentally friendly materials, so that environmentalists can get what they want. Our products include ladies handbags, wallets and popular gadgets, as well as luggage for business travelers. Brand style youth, noble, independent, fashion abbacino brand has always been adhering to the design concept, with the crazy eyes of the details given new life and luxury new concepts, personality and fashion perfect collision. Simple, flawless, pure, perfect lines and shapes that reflect the independence, comfort, clinging, and confident attitude that sets the tone apart from strong beliefs. 【Price】 Product Categories Price Handbags: 598-3998 yuan Small Accessories: 198-998 yuan Wallets: 298-998 yuan Luggage: 598-3998 yuan 【Join conditions】 1, with brand awareness, brand concept and marketing capabilities ; 2, identity, acceptance, implementation of abbacino brand concept and mode of operation; 3, with ample working capital, a single shop investment amount: 50,000 yuan; 4, in the concession city or area with two branches or more ability; 5, the new store must be able to connect the internet network, equipped with computers, install the company's unified pos retail software; 6, site selection and area requirements in the local first-line pedestrian street or a department store, shopping malls, not less than 20M2 practical area, At 50M2. 7, fully cooperate with the implementation of the company's policies; [Join support] 1, the company opened during the arrangement of professionals in the shop guide; 2, the company provides promotional activities POP, promotional gift planning; 3, presented pos system software; 4, free Provide vip customer points gift policy and vip customer maintenance. 【Join Policy】 1, waive the initial fee, contract performance bond charge 30,000 yuan, franklin marshall, franklin marshall, join the contract when the natural termination of non-interest refund; 2, access to the designated area of ​​the exclusive right to operate; 3, the national retail price; 5, all franchise stores up to 1500 yuan per square foot renovation subsidy support; 6, the new shop to enjoy 120,000 (hanging amount) credit limit distribution support. 【Advantages】 1, the company has strong financial and professional marketing team, a strong marketing; 2, unique style and market awareness; 3, a unified national store image, and improve operational guidance; 4, improve vip Customer management system, the country to share all loyal vip customer resources; 5, the company provides a unified and complete terminal operation training mechanism; 6, product quality assurance, national networking queries, all products are free maintenance for life; 7, Site, to provide an effective market analysis and store profitability assessment. Asia Pacific Head Office: Guangzhou Maxi Trade Co., Ltd. Brand: abbacino Department: Sales Department Position: Marketing Director (Brand Advisor) Name: Huang Jian Mobile Phone: Tel: Fax: Website: http:// E-mail: [email protected] Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou Zhujiang New City Road on the 23rd Runde Building, 7th Floor, Post Code: 510623

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