Love the Lord women feel love to enjoy a happy life

Love is the most important part of a woman's life. By practicing her own heart, absorbing the nutrients of knowledge and enriching her own connotation, her love is exuded wisdom and natural beauty to attract the love of others; her concern for loved ones, friends and loved ones Between the family, friendship and love, know how to love, enjoy the happy life!


Love the Lord of the women feel love to enjoy the happy life of the Lord return women feel love to enjoy a happy life

Love is the main costumes Tenzer clothing's first women's brand , since its inception in 2005, has been committed to leading the urban knowledge of women's fashion clothing taste; advocating personalized, diversified with, but without losing the classic concept of dress And clothing culture; Qingqing shape dignified, intellectual, elegant and beautiful female image.

With accurate market positioning, classic, fashionable and consumer demand combined with the design style and humanized management philosophy, the company has seen annual sales growth since its establishment. Now it has nearly 3,000 square meters of modern factory buildings and more than 150 flat-seam parking spaces , With an annual output of nearly 400,000 fashion women, sales network covering more than 20 provinces and nearly 200 prefecture-level cities and counties, shopping malls and franchise stores.

爱归主女装 感受爱享受幸福生活

Love the Lord women feel love to enjoy a happy life

The brand style and development potential of our company are widely recognized by the industry. We have a good reputation and reputation among our customers all over the country. Our company will make unremitting efforts to further refine the production management, strengthen the terminal support and serve our customers Philosophy, honesty, dedication, human nature, fairness as the cultural connotation of the enterprise, and strive to make love the main clothing into the art pursuit of the perfect combination of business operations and high-end women's brand!

Acid-resistant/Anti-corrosion Gloves

Acid-alkali gloves, also known as glove box, incubator gloves, the length of 30 cm, 38 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 58 cm, 60 cm, 72 cm, 82 cm. There are two colors black and white. Features, resistant to acid 70%, resistant to alkali 55%, soft and comfortable, easy to wear, suitable for electronics, biomedicine, chemistry, printing and dyeing, electroplating and so on.

Acid-resistant/Anti-Corrosion Gloves

Acid-Resistant Gloves,Anti-Corrosion Gloves,Chemical Resistant Gloves,Protective Gloves

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