Fashionable fish children's firm beliefs round billion dreams

For 12 years, he held a birthday party for each employee, but he never truly celebrated his birthday. For 12 years, he forbade employees to hold grand birthday parties for themselves. For 12 years, he consistently sticks to the front line of business development every day, without any problems. In the past 12 years, he has set a broad platform for millions of employees to show themselves so that many people get together and find their way around. He is Mr. Wu Shaoyong, General Manager of Guangzhou Feixun Trading Co., Ltd. On August 14, 2013, at 12: 00-12: 30 PM, all employees of Guangzhou Feixun Trading Co., Ltd. held a special birthday party for Mr. Wu Shaoyong in the headquarters office to give a beautiful Birthday wishes and express a strong sense of gratitude. This is a dream vow to sell 12 billion in the next five years. This is an emotional and emotional move. It is a birthday celebration for 12 years. This is a wish to witness the company's 12-year development. Passion coexistence event. Under the planning and implementation of the HRC staff organization, all the staff are neatly awaiting the presence of Mr. Wu Shaoyong, General Manager of Feixun. In the burning flame of candlelight, Mr. Wu Shaoyong smiled and appeared in front of everyone in the cheerful "happy birthday to you", with warm and warm applause and cheers. Mr. Wu Shaoyong exclaimed: "Today, I feel very happy and moved in this unforgettable 12 years, with the joint efforts of all family members, the company has made a series of development and progress , I am very grateful to all the family members for their hard work and looking forward to the future, we work together to create and realize the company's dream of selling over one billion in the next five years! And in the future, I hope all the family members will not be specialized I have a birthday party for me and I want to be with the family members on my August birthday (a small birthday party will be held every month for the birthday of the month) As one of them, just like I was the only decision-maker of this large family and now one of the members of Zongjing Ban. "The touching speech of Mr. Wu Shaoyong made everyone in the audience feel very moved, More determined their own determination and confidence. Fashion fish Wu cut the cake we hand in hand; we shoulder and shoulder; we support each other; we are connected; we together oath for a goal: "I can!" There is nothing to stop this momentum magnificent . Rising sun, hope is in front. Fashion fish all staff determined to achieve the dream of ten billion Just as the fashion fish children's marketing director Fan Jingtong said: Fei Hsun is a big family, Wu is a big brother, led us forward this group of people. All along, Wu always gives us enough space to play to ensure our economic life. With grateful feelings, we sincerely wish Mr. Wu a happy birthday! We vowed: as long as we have a dream, dare to act, we will be able to achieve the Philippine-hsien company five years to sell billions of dreams!

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