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Summer travel season began, with a good mood, catch a lotus bag Wagon to go hiking. In this new season design, still maintain the design theme of HolyMoly optimist, exaggerated personalized print motif is naturally the protagonist debut friends. Wild single product trend, will definitely make you feel perfect! (Source: holymoly 2013 summer new) printing theme single product is Holymoly indispensable flagship product in the seasons, this summer will also be introduced a variety of clothing, to enrich the daily dress boys, lion head crown print pattern design is very rich Interest, the overall color is also more refreshing, with a variety of different types of Bottoms, is bound to be your favorite. (Source: holymoly 2013 summer new) influx of people, women classic small polka dot polka dot has always been one of the fashion elements, this summer launched this paragraph polka dot color short sleeve TEE, at the same time with Holymoly cartoon skeleton embroidery , So that the overall sense of the more fashionable street.

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