Hetian jade repair

Almost everything has a long life, some are normal endings, others are caused by some human factors, but most things will undergo artificial damage. How about Hetian jade, how to repair a damaged Hetian jade What? What are the repair methods? Let’s take a look!

1. After splitting into two, some jade articles are broken. Designers and engravers always analyze their original shapes according to their damage. After some ingenuity, they are subtly divided on the basis of the originals. Divide the original engraving into two or more small pieces that are independent or related to each other. Such repairs, because generally do not make a big discard, so reduce or make up for the original loss, and even the value of the repaired jade, sometimes not inferior to the original.

2, gold jade inlay: Jinping inlaid in the jewelry industry is a commonly used process, such as inlaid treasure ring, diamond ring, inlaid treasure necklace pendant, inlaid treasure earrings and so on.

The golden jade inlay is easy to reminiscent of the "Golden Jade" in the novel "Dream of Red Mansions", which is a sign of good fortune. Moreover, Jinyu and Jinshi are very valuable, and the color matching is also very harmonious. Therefore, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign gold jade inlaid utensils and accessories have always been favored.

3, fracture bonding: jade broken, in recent times also used the bonding method to repair. The repair is good, and it can even be "disordered."

The general operation of this bonding method is to carefully clean the cracked surface, apply it evenly with a high-performance adhesive (polyvinyl acetate float or epoxy resin), and then carefully align it. The part is strongly bonded, and the adhesive of the crack is extruded, and then wiped with acetone. During the process of solidifying the adhesive, it is best to fix it with tape or press it with a heavy object to avoid misalignment.

4, re-trimming this is to pretend to make up for the damage of jade, but the original re-creation.

From the long artistic career, the masters of art have created and accumulated a variety of excellent methods for remediation and re-repair, such as “going high and low”, “to fattening and thinning”, “to make up for bad”, Make up the broken" and so on.

5, the lack of added jade carving pendants accidentally fell, but also did not break and only touched a small piece, but after all, "breaking phase." So people think of how to "face up" it, the way is to add. There are two ways to add: one is to fill, the other is new.

Hetian jade repair method has the above points, the above methods are for your reference only. If you can't fix it, I hope you will forgive. After all, not all items can be repaired successfully, and things have their own cycles. I hope that the above methods can help you.

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