How to display underwear shops attractive summer cool eye-catching collection

Underwear shop is where every girl will go to choose a good underwear is the best performance of girls love themselves, each girl learn to love yourself, it is necessary to pick on underwear, but the hot summer underwear want to attract more A little effort, a lot of girls in summer because it is too hot, do not like to try on underwear, so they will only choose their favorite style, and will not fancy underwear fit or comfort, underwear shop display eye-catching, let Meimei can take a fancy to your home underwear.

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Picture credit: RiBel underwear shop

The picture shows the bell-bottomed underwear shop exhibition, you also learn it. The summer show to refreshing, light-based, the bright little fresh style in the shop the most prominent place, and then is the set of sales display, sales of the display to be separated from the color, the color from shallow to deep, so customers will be a glance Think this shop looks comfortable.

内衣店铺怎么陈列才吸引人  夏季清凉陈列吸睛之作

Picture credit: RiBel underwear shop

Enjoy life from the underwear, if the shop has a big new listing of the brand, it is necessary to display the new products in the first place, so that customers better to know which is new, but also the classification of underwear, divided into sexy area , Retro area, small fresh area go to the exhibition, I believe there will be a lot of crush to patronize oh.

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