Artificial silk fabric into protagonists after the festival

Silk fabrics are popular spring-summer fabrics. Clothing can be worn to reflect people's personality and taste. Due to the casual style of artificial silk fabrics in recent years, it has become popular in casual wear and has become a fashion fabric. After tentative sales before the Spring Festival, in 2012, artificial silk fabrics were initially introduced into several major types of systems such as imitation yarn, imitation silk, and imitation linen, which became a hot selling point for the fabric market after the Spring Festival.

The imitated yarn fabrics are popular in many types of imitation yarn fabrics, including dyeing, printing, etc. Especially in recent years, they have been continuously renewed in the dyeing and finishing process. From the original single dyeing and printing to electric embroidering, embossing, and flower cutting, the product style is soft. Smooth, good verticality, beautiful colors, novelty and other advantages. Products are the ideal fabrics for making shirts, dresses, leisure suits and T-shirts for spring and summer and are popular with consumers. Currently, the products listed are Chiffon Yarn, Fuller Yarn, Jiali Yarn, Qiaoqi Yarn, and Aoli Yarn. Up to six months.

The brilliance of fabrics reappeared With the constant renewal of weaving equipment, the chemical fiber simulation silk fabrics marketed in 2012 used ultra-fine denier materials, together with special processes such as toughening, alkali reduction, dyeing, and other processes such as pressing and bronzing. Makes the fabric more silky. At present, there are not many listed products, but the consumption is wider. The fabrics of Shunyi, Huayao, Yangliu and TJJ are unique in style, and will also become marketable products in the spring and summer fabric market this year.

Imitation linen fabrics sell well imitation linen fabric with its drape strong, quite without wrinkles, comfortable and smooth, rich colors, durable and easy to wash and other characteristics, has won the favor of consumers. At present, there are products such as Soruba, Doubles, Satin, Satin, Hemp, and Ma, which are the rising stars in imitation linen products. The prospects are very broad. The listed “old products” are color cloud hemp, diamond hemp, Lan Mi Ma, etc., market sales also showed an upward trend.

Mercerized velvet cloth has a bright prospect Recently, a kind of silky non-silk fabric “silk velvet” was firstly marketed in various markets, attracting the attention of many merchants with its colorful new faces. Mainly. The product adopts 75D×50D as raw material, is a polyester bright light FDY raw material (triangular profiled glossy), selected by 32E (needle) warp knitting machine, the bottom is longitudinal stripe texture, the surface has a more obvious horizontal bar. The style of the cloth is delicate, flatness is good, and the texture is clear. The width of the product is 155 centimeters, and the weight per metre is 180 grams. The current wholesale price is about 22.00 yuan per kilogram, and the color is best sold as dark blue, coffee, lake blue, rose, red, orange and purple. Fabrics are not only suitable for the production of high-end sportswear, but also the material of choice for casual apparel fabrics. The future sales prospects are very broad.

Licence transaction "less price flat"

The opening of the market in the Chinese New Year, the trend of the lining market was "a small amount of price flat" trend. Driven by the rise of raw materials in the early stage, and the stable price of cloth, the price of light spinning 210T is currently 1.22 yuan/m. The price of semi-elastic Chun Yafang 170T and 190T polyester taffeta did not change much from the previous period. The knitted warp knitted mesh market saw a slight increase in the sales of sub-materials, while the price trend remained stable. Polyester/cotton lining series is generally sold. The sale of black silk fabrics in jacquard linings is still acceptable. Merchants from Zhejiang's Haining region will purchase them for the production of leather garments and luggage. From the perspective of downstream weaving, the stock of plain-lining fabrics is higher. In addition, the dyeing and processing cycle of lining fabrics can be shipped within 3 or 5 days. From the perspective of the price of fabrics in the market, the level is very poor. The reason is that the weaving companies use different materials, and some polyester yarns have a reduced price for D specifications. Therefore, the sales of lining products can certainly benefit. It is expected that the lining market will enter the stage of steady adjustment next week.

The sales of fabrics have picked up slowly. Recently, sales of artificial silk fabrics have increased, and prices have remained stable. The variety of transactions was concentrated in the regular Zuo Ma, Qiao Qi, Fuk Lok yarn, and chiffon yarn, especially Zuo Ma went out of a quite optimistic market. The full-length silk oxford cloth on the market has recently demonstrated strong momentum. For example, the water-spread Oxford cloth (150D×150D, 150D×300D) has been favored by the buyer and it has effectively promoted the polyester FDY135D/36F. Sales. The number of orders for air-jet weaving cotton fabrics has increased. The main varieties are nylon, cotton, suede, etc. The supply of individual specifications is slightly tight. The full-bombed pongee and plain jeanette series have not only been underpowered in purchasing power, but also pre-holiday inventories. Supply exceeds demand seriously constraining the market price trend. From the analysis of the fabric market conditions, the domestic demand was low-key, and foreign trade failed to expand effectively, but from the seasons it was seen that people dressed tightly for the season. It is expected that the sales volume of fifteenth century silk fabrics in the first month will also increase moderately, and prices will be mainly based on steady trends.

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