Joined the small woman underwear brand determines the future of wealth

Guangzhou Little Women's underwear Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan's Little Women's Enterprise Group established in the mainland. Group company is located in Hsinchu Science Park in Taipei, covering more than 300 acres and employs more than 2,800 people. In the "rooted in Taiwan, embracing the Divine, the world's" business development, the women's enterprises continue to blaze a trail to innovate and advance with the times.


Nowadays, small women's enterprises place their production lines on both sides of the Taiwan Strait at the same time in order to better serve the mainland market of the motherland. All along, the small women's enterprises are committed to improving product quality, enhance service standards, in addition to continue to join experienced and have strong potential for development of engineering and technical personnel and designers, the company also continued to invest in the latest production and quality Seized equipment, and synchronized with the international trend; to satisfy every consumer to pursue the trend, the desire to achieve self-Qilei, we know that only by adhering to the "characteristics" in order to have a place in the brutal competition in the market, the only way to brand Decide on the future of wealth.

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