Bibi self-confidence and courage than my children's growth equipment

Bibi from my children's clothing originated in South Korea, Europe, Europe and South Korea with the cultural and fashion style, his character brave, witty, imaginative, like self-expression, style, fashion, cool, personality, he is popular in the child group , Affinity, cute, enthusiastic, most children like him. In the mother's heart, he is lively and clever, is a bridge of communication between mother and child, can pass friendship and love! Bibi is more than my children's wear fashion personality, confident and brave children's growth equipment, fashion intellectual, full of modern life taste of the new generation of parents prepared. Brand culture 1, health - healthy childhood only color 2, comfortable - for children to provide a comfortable protection 3, full of playful - fashion cool shoes so that children's childhood as colorful 4, International Brand - from South Korea, Europe, Europe and South Korea with the cultural heritage and style of the brand mission: to be a bridge between children and parents, the promotion of the world's most important thing: friendship and love!

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