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The art and fashion in the European classical culture have shaped the charm of classic men and the fashionable men's wear. SIGAORUI creates a new casual style based on the European concept, characterized by Asian style - which absorbs and deconstructs different artistic and living elements to re-interpret each piece of clothing with its own unique "personality" face. Concerned about the latest trends in the global culture and aesthetic fashion, the development of personalized jeans in line with the aesthetic standards of Asia, and synchronized with the international fashion trends, is SIGAORUI's persistent pursuit. SIGAORUI advocates the "new leisure" doctrine of "Italian fashion", "Italian fashion" is a style, a way of life, a way of expression of individual pursuit. Inherit the cultural heritage of European art and fashion heritage; personality, excellence, walking in the forefront of fashion trends, with the art of fashion and taste, which is an outstanding new generation, which is the unique charm of SIGARUI. SIGAORUI brand core concept: "personality, fashion," the brand concept, advocate "Yi Rui Feng Shang" of "new casual" life advocate to meet the needs of young people to express themselves. "New casualism" advocates seeking individualized expressions that reflect the new trend of the times.

This is a type of yarn dyed fabric, its special is using the material of polyester shrinkage yarn, which makes the designs more vivid and the fabric touching special.

We start this fabric from the beginning of 2015, more than one year past, it still very popular with the customers, especially for American and European markets. Now, under this type of fabric, we nearly have 20 patterns, each pattern including 7-8 colors.

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