Do you know how to wear underwear?


Women wear the right bra can play a supporting role in the breast, to help breast shape, so full of breasts, tall and straight, will not sag. But in fact many women's bra method is not correct, directly or indirectly led to the occurrence of breast disease, such as breast ptosis, breast asymmetry, and even mastitis. So, how to wear underwear without damage to the breast it?

1. Hang the strap on the shoulder hook

Some women too suspect hand back to the back of the Department linked to the inconvenience, so fasten the front of the body, and then turn the cup back, this method is easy to shift the bottom edge of the position and the steel ring is not the right way to wear bra one. The correct method of wear should be hanging on the shoulder harness, hand back to the back of the Department linked.

2. The side of the chest by hand also received cup

Some women usually only take care of their own breasts have not put in the cup, often overlooked the loose armpit meat. The correct approach should be loose chest into the armpit received cup, with the other hand in the opposite direction to pull the bottom edge of underwear, the chest received in the cup as a whole. This will make the chest look fuller.

3. Brim the edge of the chest protrusion coincide

Underwear, in essence, is to be inclusive, so as to effectively breast and hips to power. Wear bra must be the most prominent part of the underwear coincide with the nipple, and then cover the upper part of the nipple, so that the protruding breast was covered. The length of the base to the protrusion, if not consistent with the height of the chest, this place will not be comfortable.

4. pull the shoulder strap buckle back

Adjustment is also a key one. Proper adjustment of the shoulder straps can help secure the breasts and prevent sagging. Pull the strap back shoulder buckle when wearing the bra so that the cup can be fixed in the correct position.

5. Underwear back down

When exercising and breathing, the most active part is the scapula. If the bottom of the bra does not pull down slightly, it will not be stable. People who feel restrained when wearing bras should pay attention to this position.

In addition, to remind women to pay attention to the "life" of underwear. Underwear wear, wash, dry, close the process of fast or slow loss of the original function. Elasticity will be slowly lost, improper washing will also make the bottom of the wire distorted, especially after rinsing with water, such as using both hands to reverse rotation to twist, then a good bra will be bad in an instant. Some women are not very concerned about these details, still wearing. However, it should be noted that, no matter how good the underwear, loss of flexibility and supportive underwear have lost their vitality, and some even even counterproductive. At this time, it has no use to help you correct the body shape, but will hurt your chest. The bra's life lies on its bottom edge. If you find the bottom edge of relaxation, you should give up to continue to wear, because the end of support will slowly cause the two breasts asymmetric. The company is located in:

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