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Second child policy is open, is not that many only children have become brother and sister it? Girls have a sensitive heart, moms want to give girls more than a brother or sister so daughter's mood you have to take care of their emotions, beauty is a woman's nature, even the girl is no exception, with dress up The United States and the United States to capture their hearts it. Girls will be fresh and bright with this khaki jacket, cute owl so that the little girl looks more naive and lively, hem a little lotus leaf design, a variety of different colors, printing into the little girl Cute, with a red leggings, young and energetic girl must be more recruit pain. The same is a red leggings, upper body with a navy shirt, skirts, the texture of the fabric is even more sexy girl, with a bright yellow vest, fresh and bright dress will be able to make children's attention , Mothers will have more face. Want to have a second child, please use Mei Mei's clothes to please the little girl. Source: Mans

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