2014 summer fashion color solid color new women's dress

Missthea, inspired by Japan and South Korea's popular fashion style. Designed to blend the style of South Korea and Japan, promote new luxuryism. Since 2014, Assia's new clothes continue from the "elegant, individuality, art" from the body to the heart of the harmonious beauty. The following is for everyone to introduce two sets, pure color department dress, it is suitable for fresh literary girls.


This yellow suit is made up of a t-shirt and a hip skirt. This t-shirt is made from exquisitely finished fabrics that are very appealing. Beautiful yellow will give people leave a good mood, peach-collar design sweet and charming. Match black dress coat, add a lot of color as a whole. Clothing pendulum hem design, elegant temperament.

2014夏季流行色 纯色系新款女装装扮

It seems this piece and the above is a completely different style of women 's clothing . Thin plaid elements, has been the subject of fashion enduring. This piece of casual pants simple and elegant style for a variety of girls, fresh colors, sports style, playful youth.

Picture taken from: Msia Women

Fancy French Terry Fabric

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