Elegant girl - Jun women filled urban women's fashion taste

No matter in what season, choose the right women is the most prominent urban fashion taste of women's clothing, and has been tide people accept and preference. " Pinamatic Girl - Jun" Women choose the most popular colors and version of the basic elements, filling urban fashion taste.


Elegant girl - Jun women filled urban women's fashion taste

"Pinamatic Girl - Jun" dress is a retro-style fashion chess chess pattern, eye-catching black and white color personality and wild, fit the fit of self-cultivation cut to create fashionable women moving figure.

翩翩女孩-隽女装 尽显都市女人时尚品位

"Piano Girl - Jun" beautiful floral print jacket, is absolutely a fashion wild Saint goods. Classic jacket nowadays with the most popular floral printed fabric interpretation, stylish wild, simple style Slim, with a small vest and orange feet pants, casual, full of vitality full urban fashion feminine style.

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