Fast fashion women's brand "BR" Guangzhou Panyu outlets March 20 grand opening

Parity modern international fast fashion women's brand BR (BONROCCO) located in Panyu District, Guangzhou-prone street outlets upcoming March 20th grand opening. Located in the fast-fashion affordable women, BR women landing in Guangzhou, Guangzhou will certainly bring no small sensation! Welcome beautiful ladies will come, discount surprise waiting for you to discover!


Guangdong Xingyang Garment Industry Co., Ltd. is the sole operator of BONROCCO, an affordable and affordable women's apparel brand in Asia. BONROCCO originated from France and registered in Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2013, BONROCCO entered China market. "BR" positioning "international parity modern ladies", is a advocate of modern culture and design innovation brand. Star Yang pursuit of product, brand, marketing integration development, have a first-class image, rich products, high standards of operation team, is committed to creating innovative chain management and unique corporate culture for partners and consumers to create stylish value.


Xing Yang Asian headquarters under the marketing center, brand center, research and development centers, production centers, human resources administration center five centers, the backbone of the team from Europe, South Korea, Shanghai and Guangzhou and many other well-known fast-fashion women's brand partners to provide efficient , Professional, meticulous service. As an important part of BR global strategy, Xing Yang is located in Guangzhou, a fashion capital. It is located in Panyu Helen Fort Creative Industrial Park with the title of "Guangzhou Zhongguancun". The convenient traffic and five-star office environment have laid the foundation for the success of BR brand The hardware foundation. Standing at the forefront of fashion, Star Young is committed to creating suppliers, agents, franchisees, brand win-win! Determined to make the greatest contribution to the field of fashion in China.

Brand Type: Girls wear

Suitable age: 18 to 35 years old

Spring and summer price: 69-399 yuan

Autumn and winter price: 199-799 yuan

Suitable for walking, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places of operation.

Similar brands: CC & DD, blossoming, girls and other fast neighbors next fashion


Contact: Qin Xiaolei


Company Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, No. 329, Shanxi Road, Bridge Hailinbao Creative Park 1, Building C, 3rd Floor

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