Exclusively your color and cup control your style easily

Whether it is intellectual workplace beauty, home gentle little woman, just debut pure MM or gas court MILF, everyone has your own color and cup, easy to control the style of self.


Figure: Carrie poetry underwear

Jacquard cup revealed the faint pattern, looming highlight the natural beauty of female breast shape, large cup design, more wrapped, high heart design chicken, better support, beautifully decorated chicken heart position, more chic, comfortable side Shoulder than the effective collection of underarm milk, so that the natural convergence of the chest.

专属你的颜色和杯型 轻松驾驭自我风采

Figure: Carrie poetry underwear

The entire cup noodles exquisite embroidery lace and front folds, the style is kawaii, the former center deep V shape, shaping charming cleavage, V beautiful monochrome embroidery lace side of the design, strengthen the lateral push breast function, double support Push both sides, already slender body.

This fabric need yarn dyeing first, then knit fabric according to repeat. It is divided Auto stripe and Y/D. Repeat for Auto stripe is more than 4cm for Jersey, if less than 4cm, it is Y/D jersey. To be attention that repeat is only 2cm for Y/D if it knitted by double machine such as rib, Ponte Roma, Interlock etc.    

Y/D Series

Poly Span Rib,Stripe Rib Poly,Cotton Poly Rayon,Jersey Poly Cotton Rayon

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